Eye Growth Serum – SANZI BEAUTY, 5 ml

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Sanzi Beauty Eyelash Growth Serum is for you who want longer, fuller
and stronger eyelashes in a healthy and efficient way. With the active
and complex ingredients, which are in Sanzi Beauty’s specially developed formula, you will give your eyelashes the best possible product to
achieve the best results. In 6-16 weeks you will be able to tell that your
eyelashes are longer, fuller, and stronger.

All products from Sanzi Beauty are created in collaboration with professional product
engineers in order to gather a high amount of active ingredients that truly does a difference
for you as a customer. What you will see in all of Sanzi Beauty’s products is that they are
free from perfume, parabens and other redundant ingredients. All products from Sanzi
Beauty are 100% vegan and are certified by the well-known brand, Vegan Society.




Myristol pentappeptide-17, arginine, hyaluronic acid,
cucurbita pepo seed extract, DDDE


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